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We now have a new website everyone!

5 months ago

Player Commands
Skyblock Commands can start with /island, /as, or /is.
/island - generates a new island, opens the GUI or teleports the player to their island, home location or the team island
/island help - shows help text
/island go - teleport to your island
/island biomes - open the biomes GUI
/island cp or control panel - shows a GUI with useful commands so players do not have to type
/island expel - Removes a visitor from your island
/island reset or restart - restarts an island. There is a cool down timer and a max limit on this so that players do not abuse it
/island lang - allows player to chose their UI language
/island level - ranks the island
/island level <player> - shows the island rank for another player</player>
/island lock - locks an island so none can enter or teleport into
/island top - shows the Top 10 islands by rank
/island settings - lists the game settings in a read-only panel
/island sethome - sets your island home
/island spawn - teleport to the island-world spawn, if it exists (set via admin command setspawn)
/island warps - Lists warps that are available via Welcome Warp Signs
/island warp <name> - warps to a Welcome Warp Sign. The full name does not have to by typed in (just the first few letters)</name>
Team-related Commands
/island invite - Invite a player to join your team. You can only invite one person at a time.
/island accept or reject - Accepts or rejects an invite. If a player has an island already and accepts, the island will be deleted.
/island team - lists info on the team
/island teamchat - enables teams to chat among themselves without bothering others. Must be enabled in config.yml and player must be in a team to see the command. Chats can be spied on by admins.
/island leave - leave the team - returns to spawn
/island kick or remove <name> - only available for the island owner or leader - removes a team member. If the player is online, all their inventory will drop and they will be sent to spawn. If they are offline, they will get a message when they log in that they have been kicked.</name>
/island makeleader <name> - Transfers ownership to a team member. Can only be issued by the leader.</name>
Coop Commands - enables players to help others without having to join their island.
/island coop <player> - Gives a player temporary full access to your island. Notifies other team members and the leader when this happens. Use it wisely.</player>
/island expel <player> - Removes coop status. Also ejects player from your island.</player>
Challenges Commands
/asc*, */c* or */challenge* access challenge commands
/challenge - Shows the GUI for challenges available to the player.
/challenge complete or c - attempts to complete a challenge, of just click in the GUI

Other Commands
/is shop - Opens the shop
/hub - returns you to the main hub

5 months ago

Please look here for a tutorial for claiming land:
Land will automagically be claimed around the first chest you place. A golden shovel will claim other land, see the video.
And look here for Commands:

/spawn - teleports to spawn
/home  - Teleports you to your home.
/sethome - Sets a Home that you can teleport to with /home
/shop - opens the shop
/wild - teleports you to a completely random place

5 months ago

KitPvP commands:
- /kp clear - clears your current kit
- /kp spawn - teleports you to the KitPvP spawn
- To select a kit, use the signs at the spawn and the chest in your inventory when you use /kp clear.
- To return to the main lobby, do /kp clear, then use the clock in your inventory

5 months ago